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Shift Magazine

Multi-platform Creative Magazine

SHIFT is a creative magazine about graphic designs. Founded in 2016, Shift has grown across multi-platforms such as tablet and phone, and now reaches a million people per month. Shift aims to deliver news and on-trend articles that are happening in graphics. Their positive statement is “creative inspiration is for everyone“.
SHIFT, needs branding, promotional images and previews for their marketing team to get funding. They also, side noted, a modern but approachable typeface for their audiences that will work well against the colorful covers and content background of ads and promotional materials.
  • Overview: In this multi-platform project, I used layout grids and demonstrate responsiveness.
  • Constraint: Three weeks deadline, consistency on design throughout print, phone and tablet with the overall same content
  • Platform: Magazine print, phone, and tablet

Style guide

My approach in this magazine is to use contemporary design. As the target audience will be designers and artists, I attempt on using the colour of the year.

Multi-platform magazine