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Classique Restaurant Menu

Cross-platform Restaurant Menu

A local French restaurant in Downtown, Vancouver that caters a premium fine dining experience. The restaurant has been on the run since 1938, a classic but contemporary ambiance. Classique offers 3 starters, 2 specials, 10 mains, 3 desserts and 20 bottles of both white and red wine. They are primarily open in the evening and have dimly lit interior.
Classique needs an update to its food and beverage list in both a printed and digital format. They wish to reach a more high-end customer base and desire to have more rich colour, styling, clarity and overall opulent feel conveyed in the menu to customers.
  • Overview: In this project, I focused more on typography and layout to fit the menu list while keeping the ambiance of the interior in mind.
  • Constraint: Three weeks deadline, interior and ambiance of the restaurant.
  • Platform: Print and digital(tablet) menu

Style guide

The style focused on high-end customers ranging from 18-60 years old.

Menu Layout


Digital Menu Layout